Disclaimer: The characters in the following story are the original creation of Joss Whedon and are owned by Mutant Enemy.  I am borrowing these characters from Mr. Whedon's series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".  No infringement of rights is intended.




Let’s Talk About Sex









Warning: If you are offended by the depiction of sex between two males, or if you are under 18 years old you should not read this story.


Rated NC-17 for Smut and Slash



Set in an AU Season 6. Buffy is alive but Spike’s affection for her is platonic (for want of encouragement) – and hey, who expects a vampire to be celibate?  ***Complete ***

Unlife takes an interesting turn when Xander visits Spike with an unusual proposal…



PART 1 – Beware of Xander bearing Gifts

PART 2 – Vampire Graffiti

PART 3 – Blood on the Streets

PART 4 – A Lick and a Promise

PART 5 – Behind Blue Eyes

PART 6 – Careless Whisper

PART 7 – Wake up and make Love

PART 8 – Girls just wanna have Fun

PART 9 – Pandora’s Box of Brownies

PART 10 – Trust I Seek

PART 11 - U-Turn

PART 12 – L for Lonely

PART 13 - Return Policy

PART 14 - Payback

PART 15 – The I in Imagination

PART 16 – I’ve got Friends in low Places

PART 17 – After Dark

PART 18 – Tales from the Crypt

PART 19 – A Tell-tale Heart 

            PART 20 – It was the Nightingale

PART 21 – Carte Blanche

            PART 22 – Where The Demon-y Things Are

            PART 23 – Dancing with Death 

            PART 23.5 Lingering

            PART 24 – The Sounds of Silence 

            PART 25 – Morning has Broken   

            PART 26 – You Must be Joking

            PART 27 – Always Does

            PART 28 – Long Distance

            PART 29 – Saturday Night Fever

            PART 30 – The Big Bomb-Clock

            PART 31 – I See you Shiver with Anticipation 

            PART 32 – With a Vengeance  

            PART 33 – Sex, Truth and Audio  

            PART 34 – It’s only a Custom, right?

            PART 35 – Triangulations

            PART 36 – Practice Makes Perfect I

            PART 37 – Practice Makes Perfect II

            PART 38 – Once More with Enthusiasm – complete!


New:  A sappy little epilogue (written more than a year ago, but never archived)


Yay! I won the Candy Store Award (Xander Session) for Best Threesome! My first award!





Many thanks to Marcee for fast and reliable beta-reading, Nmissi for good counsel and Xanpet for a spot of betaing. Other helpful people who should get mentioned are: HarmonyFB, Firehorse, Kimi and Mr. Estepheia.


I will soon convert the whole series into a downloadable e-book so people can read it on their PALM.





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